Life-form Taxidermy has been serving the hunting community since 1981 and is internationally renowned for its excellent service and museum quality trophies. Life-form Taxidermy works with and recommends well established and reputable Outfitters. Our relationships with the Outfitters have been built and maintained over many years.

More than one hunter’s trophies can be packed together in the same crate shipped from South Africa to other countries, except to the United States of America where the U.S. law prohibits more than one hunter’s trophies to be packed in the same crate (“One hunter, one crate). Americans 18 years or younger are allowed to include their trophies in the crate of their parents. Please note: it is a criminal offense to have more than one hunter’s trophies on the same export documentation. Please ensure that you have your own set of documentation after your hunt is complete.

For the American hunters there are certain cases where hunters may pack their trophies together. Please contact us for further information in this regard.

Unfortunately we do not have credit card facilities. We accept payment via cashiers checques which can be mailed or couriered to us and also telegraphic bank transfers as these payments are the most secure and reliable method of forwarding funds internationally. Our payment details will be supplied with all new orders.

This can be arranged, requests for photos must be received in the early stages of the order, keeping in mind that all photographs are taken by one of our staff members and may therefore not have all the sharpness and other professional ingredients. Please also note that we do not take photos of trophies after they have been packed.

Life-Form Taxidermy has its own woodwork department where all shields, pedestals, tables, bases, ottomans and customised wooden products are made. Only solid indigenous wood is used. Our standard wooden bases are included in the mounting price. Custom or special wooden bases will be quoted individually.

Cecil Corringham is an award winning Measurer for SCI and Life-Form has two Master Measurers in both Rowland Ward and Safari Club International. Trophies are professionally measured only on requests from clients.

We offer discounts on taxidermy to family groups of three or more hunters. To ascertain whether you qualify for discount on taxidermy, please enquire via e-mail.

Application for Import Permits can be made directly to the Nature Conservation or Fish & Wildlife departments. The clearing agents at the destination ports can also provide this service on behalf of clients. Life-Form Taxidermy provides all the export permits and necessary documentation required to accompany the trophy consignment.

The workmanship of Life-Form Taxidermy is of the best in the world, besides the thousands of happy clients we are awarded museum contracts worldwide every year.

Be sure to visit our portfolio page where you will find a variety of photos for each specimen.

Life -Form Taxidermy works with and recommends well established and reputable Outfitters. Our relationships with the Outfitters have been built and maintained over many years. Click here for a list of recommended outfitters

Life – Form Taxidermy has been serving the hunting community since 1981 and is internationally renowned for its excellent service and museum quality trophies. For more information click here to visit the About Us page

Our completion period on trophy orders varies during the year, depending on the hunting season. Please contact us regarding the completion and delivery period for your trophies.

Unfortunately this is not the case. Due to our workload our delivery period is calculated from date of deposit and receipt of final mounting instructions. Therefore our delivery is based on a “first come first served basis”.

Life-Form Taxidermy is affiliated to P.H.A.S.A. ; S.C.I. ; D.S.C. ; African Heritage Foundation ; Endangered Wildlife Trust ; the president of S.A.T.T.A. (South African Taxidermy & Tannery Association) and other related charitable organisations.

Trophies shipped via ocean freight to the East coast of the U.S are 20% cheaper than airfreight. Ocean freight shipped to the west coast is not always feasible; unless a full container can be filled (this is also applicable to the EU countries). Airfreight takes 2-4 days, whilst ocean freight takes 18 to 24 days from departure.

Life-Form Taxidermy, uses only the finest materials that are imported from the best sources in the world, and no expense is spared to produce our world renowned quality.

Life-Form Taxidermy manufactures and produces its own Manikins for all specimens. All researched measurements and masks are taken from real specimens. Sculpturing takes place at our studio resulting in accurate moulds, which give you life-like museum quality trophies. No additional fees are billed for specific instructions to customise manikins.

Apart from the fact that taxidermy (including freight) is cheaper in Africa, this is not the principal reason for clients to rather mount their trophies in Africa. Taxidermists at Life-Form are Native Africans who are specialised in African game and have comprehensive knowledge of these species as well as the animal anatomy facial expressions such as aggression, startled, alert, intent etc).

Therefore your African game trophies will always be a life-like recreation that do justice to your Safari memories. Life-Form is especially renowned for mounting of cats (Lion, Leopard etc) that surpass world standards.

Provided the field preparation is correctly adhered to. (Click the “field prep” button), we can safely store and preserve game skins to remain in top quality, whilst awaiting production.

The ideal conditions will be a fairly consistent level of temperature where humidity is not too high. Too much sunlight tends to bleach the color from the mounts after several years, so artificial light is best.
Once a year trophies can be lightly dusted with a soft brush or preferably the dust blown off with compressed air, which will also “ruffle up” the hair on the mounts. The horns can be oiled VERY LIGHTLY with any fine furniture oil, every couple of years.

Trophies mounted by Life-Form Taxidermy are insect-proofed in the taxidermy process, but it is suggested that at least once a year when the trophies are cleaned, that the environment around the trophies be sprayed with a normal household aerosol surface insecticide, not directly on the mount.

If the humidity is very high, it is best to keep the room well ventilated (windows open often) to allow a breeze or air flow through the room. Ceiling fans can also accomplish this air movement. If the trophies are kept in a sealed room, the damp can be detrimental to the mounts.

If the humidity is EXCESSIVELY HIGH, because the skins contain salt and tannage residue, some beads of moisture may occur on the HAIR. We suggest that this just be patted off with an absorbent tissue paper if it occurs, and if done occasionally the problem will stop as the salts will be removed with the moisture.

Contact us directly and we will gladly E-mail our price list to you, together with a taxidermy quote should you wish.