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Founded over 40 years and 150 000 exquisite trophies ago, Life-Form Taxidermy is based in White River, South Africa – a stone’s throw from the world-famous Kruger National Park and in the middle of ‘Big Five’ Country!

We are proud taxidermists, committed to understanding the wildlife that inhabit this beautiful landscape, and are passionate about delivering excellent service to people who share an interest in our wild world.

Our knowledge of African Wildlife and its varied habitats is one of our greatest assets. African species by Africans. We deliver the unique touches that bring the wild to life.

The trophies produced in our Life-Form studios bear testimony to the fact that we are celebrated internationally as a world leader in superior taxidermy. Timelessly tasteful, innovative and with painstaking attention to detail, our pieces are recognised as some of the finest trophies in the world.

Life-Form Taxidermy is serious about the business of taxidermy, and both our outfitters and hunters know that when we make a commitment, we honour it.

Our Commitment



From expert knowledge on importing and exporting, to master craftsmen with in-depth insight into the finer details of our African species – our team will ensure that your trophy is presented in immaculate condition.

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With friendly service and the opportunity to chat with our team from the moment your trophy arrives to our studio until the day it reaches your door, we offer a personalised service built around our customers.



From the bush to your doorstep, we’re here for you. With a team of trusted suppliers, we keep our promise to ensure that quoted delivery times are met.

Our Team

Our dedicated team shares a passion for our incredible industry. With an extensive background in Import and Export administration, and an adept understanding of shipping regulations pertaining to sending game trophies across the globe, we’ll keep you up-to-date on the progress of your taxidermy orders.


Why Life-Form Taxidermy?

At Life-Form Taxidermy we are serious about the business of taxidermy and both our outfitters and hunters know that when we make a commitment, we honour it! We are a veterinary approved facility that conforms to the full international veterinary requirements.

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In-depth knowledge of
African species

Our African Taxidermists are masters of their craft. Their innate knowledge of the anatomy, habits and fine detail of African species results in immaculate, life-like recreations – true memories of your African safari experience.


Experts on importing &

We are registered importers/exporters of game trophies worldwide. Our highly skilled team of administration staff are experts on all import/export requirements and legislations.

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The personal

Excellent, friendly service is provided by all our personnel from the arrival of your trophies at our studio until delivery at your door. You will receive regular updates throughout the process of your order.


Packing and

Crates are custom-built to accommodate your trophies with every effort being made to minimise space and shipping costs. Nominated and reputable freight agents handle our freighting and are well versed in the shipping of game trophies worldwide.

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Annual surveys show that it is cheaper and quicker to have your trophies mounted in Africa and shipped abroad. Our prices remain competitive with other taxidermy studios of a similar standing.


Members of PHASA and

We are a member of PHASA (Professional Hunting Association of South Africa) and SATTA (South African Taxidermy & Tannery Association) and have OFFICIAL MEASURERS for both SCI and ROWLAND WARD.

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Tannery and
wood-working studio

Our in-house tannery offers the latest tanning methods and top quality imported chemicals. Wood-working studio design and custom-builds of all pedestals, shields, ottomans, tables, etc on site.


Safe storage

Your trophies are stored in our safe, immaculate warehouses with stringent security measures in place conforming to all veterinary procedures.

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approved facility

We are a veterinary approved facility that conforms to the full international veterinary requirements.

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