150 000 exquisite trophies

With a proud record of producing over 150 000 exquisite trophies, you are in safe hands with Life-Form Taxidermy. Our in-depth understanding of African wildlife and its varied habitats is one of our greatest assets. With a team of experts who truly understand Africa’s wildlife – we can provide unique touches that will make your true-to-life trophy stand out.

Import and Export


U.S. CITIZENS: – USFW requires ALL export documentation to reflect your address in accordance with your social security number.

Should your delivery address differ from the above, please ensure that we receive the address to where you would like your trophies consigned. We also require your telephone, fax and email details where possible, as both we and the importing agents will require this information so that we may notify you of your consignment’s arrival as well as ease of communication.

Keep in mind that your professional hunter will still be required to dry and transport your trophies to our premises after you have returned home, and it may be a few months later when we receive them. We will contact you immediately upon receipt of your trophies. We would encourage you to correspond directly with us from then onwards, as we are more readily available, and your professional hunter will most likely be out in the field on his next safari and may not be easily contacted.

We are official S.C.I. and Rowland Ward measurers and will measure trophies on request. Trophies entered for S.C.I. can be measured as soon as the animal has been hunted. As shrinkage occurs once horns start drying, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you request these measurements to be done in the field as soon as possible, so that you may obtain the most favourable score.

A 50% deposit is required prior to our team commencing production of your trophies. We will invoice you for the balance due once your order is nearing completion. We prefer to receive payment in U.S. Dollars, however if this is not possible we are also able to accept the following currencies: CANADIAN DOLLAR, AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR, BRITISH POUNDS, EUROS & SWISS FRANCS.


A telegraphic (S.W.I.F.T) transfer in the above currencies will also be suitable.

Consignments may be sent by either Airfreight, which is the fastest available method, or Sea freight which takes slightly longer but is more cost effective. We make use of a Freight agent based in Gauteng who is well versed in the handling of game trophies, and well known to us. Should you prefer to nominate your own agent, please notify us so that we may accommodate this request. Freight charges are to be settled directly with the Freight agents.

All consignments are insured for a suggestion value (an amount we consider would be required for us to replace and mount the entire order) this amount can be increased or decreased in relation to the trophy value and can also be waived entirely. In the event that you would like to specify the insurance value for your consignment, this value would be used for insurance purposes.

The charge for your crate, packing, documentation and transportation from our premises to Air/Sea Port of departure. This is calculated at a percentage of the total value of your order. Freight charges from Air/Sea Port of departure to the country of destination is payable directly to the Freight agent.


As animal skins can be classified as perishable goods they must be treated accordingly. The care and treatment of skins and horns received prior to reaching Life-Form Taxidermy are beyond our control, and therefore we cannot not be held responsible for these treatments. We will of course endeavour to treat all trophies with the utmost care, especially in the event that they would have travelled for many weeks, over great distances to reach our premises.

Our Suggestions:

  • Wherever possible arrangements should be made with outfitters, to ensure that they use A-Grade salt and avoid the re-use of salt too regularly, this will assist us in providing you with a better finished product. Please ask your outfitter to use any insecticides sparingly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • We at Life-Form Taxidermy attempt to give our clients a comprehensive report on the condition of the actual skins at time of arrival, keeping in mind that these skins are folded outside-in and the true condition of a trophy skin can only be determined at time of actual mounting. We will then also make every effort to repair any damaged skins and where possible (with the clients agreement), will offer to replace damaged skins, to ensure a top quality trophy.
While Life-Form does not arrange insurance directly with our customers, we can make arrangements via our nominated freight agent to coordinate insurance for the trophies whilst they are in transit.

PLEASE NOTE: Any time frame quoted or given commences from confirmation of your order.

Confirmation of your order is when your deposit is received and all mounting instructions are received. We prefer confirmation of your order in writing. Verbal instructions given to your professional hunter and passed on to us, or instructions received by phone can cause confusion, and unnecessary delays.

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