The Taxidermy Process

Life-Form Taxidermy uses the finest materials imported from the best sources in the world, and no expense is spared to produce trophies of world-renowned quality. Have a look at the photo collection below to experience the taxidermy process.

Shaving of Skins

Step 1

The skin enters the “fleshing” stage; commonly known as shaving.

Stitching and Repairs

Step 2

Skins are stitched & all scarring (imperfections) to be repaired.

Cleaning Skulls

Step 3

The skulls are cleaned for the next stage of production.

Drying Skulls

Step 4

Skulls are then dried.

Storage of Skins

Step 5

The molds are prepared

Production of Manikins

Step 6

During preparation of the skins, the manikins are produced according to the client’s demands.

The Taxidermy Process

Step 7

The taxidermy of the animal commences, the art of the taxidermy comes to life. The finer details will now be attended to, making it aesthetically & symmetrically pleasing to the eye.

Quality Control

Step 8

Quality Checks.


Step 9

The packing process. Each crate is customized according to the client’s needs, to ensure there is no wasted space.

Life-form Taxidermy