Badgers are omnivores from the Weasel family. There are 11 species of Badger. Badgers include the species in the genera Meles, Arctonyx, Taxidea and Mellivora. Their name possibly comes from the French word bêcheur (digger). Badgers have short, fat bodies with short legs just for digging. They have black faces with white markings and they grow to about 90 centimeters in length, tail included.

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•Badgers have an incredibly keen sense of smell.
•They are very clean and do not bring food or defecate in their burrows.
•Their burrows, setts, have different chambers, some for having their young in and some for sleeping in.


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Badgers shelter underground in burrows called setts are found in most of North America and Europe. They prefer open grasslands with loose soil that are ideal for their digging needs.They are quite fierce creatures are quite capable of fighting of bigger animals such as bears and wolves. They usually eat small insects and earthworms.

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