The Grysbuck (Raphicerus melanotis) is a small antelope that is endemic to the Western Cape region of South Africa between Albany and the Cedarburg Mountains. It has a reddish sandy coat with white spots or flecks. The legs are yellowish, while the inside of the ears, eye-rings, mouth area, and ears are white.


Grysbuck Fullmount – FF 062

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• They have short and almost invisible tails.
• The species is probably territorial
• The Cape grysbok can fluff out the fur at its rear end to make itself look bigger


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The Grysbuck’s Native habitat is the “Fynbos biome” and it inhabits thick shrubland. It can sometimes be found browsing orchards and vineyards and also can be found near river banks in the reeds. They are not too shy and don’t mind to be near humans or their settlements. They can go without drinking water for quite a while as they get their nutrients from their food. They feed mostly on grasses and leaves, as well as some berries and other fruit.

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