The Hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus) is an African species of Grassland Antelope. Hartebeest live between 11 and 20 years in the wild, and up to 19 in captivity. Both males and females have horns and a dark brown coat which is shiny and smooth.They are very social animals that form herds of 20-300 members. They are known to be quite vicious when tempered with but are usually quite calm otherwise. It is a popular game animal due to it’s highly sought after meat.


Hartebeest Lichtenstein Fullmount – DD121

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• The Bubal Hartebeest was declared extinct in 1994.
• The common name “hartebeest’” is derived from the Afrikaans hertebeest.
• Fossils of the Red Hartebeest have been found in Elandsfontein, Cornelia and Florisbad in South Africa, as well as in Kambwe in Zambia


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They reside in South Africa and other parts of Africa but the hartebeest is extinct in Algeria, Egypt, Lesotho, Libya, Morocco, Somalia, and Tunisia. They like open grasslands, savannahs and woodlands. They enjoy many grasses, leaves and legumes and can survive without water but not for too long.

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