The Klipspringer (Oreotragus oreotragus) is a small antelope. Klipspringer translated directly means “rock jumper” in the Afrikaans language. Their coat is a yellow-brown and their ears are encircled in black. They are preyed on by Lions, Cheetahs, Humans and Eagles as they are quite small.They are humble creatures and will look out for other klipspringers nearby for instance: when one is eating, the other will stand and keep look out for predators that may be nearby. They travel in pairs mostly and they mate for life.


Klipspringer Fullmount – AA019

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• Their gestation period is 214 days.
• If in danger, the female usually leads the get-away gallop.
• They are preyed on by cheetahs, eagles and baboons.


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The Klipspringer is the only antelope that lives on cliffs and Rocky Mountains or outcrops. It can be found in East Africa, South Africa, and the Cape of Good Hope mostly, and in Ethiopia.Their diet consists of grasses, leaves, some fruit and roots. They do not need to drink as they get their moisture from their diet although salt is quite important.

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