Leopards (Panthera pardus) are medium-sized cats found in the wild. They are a part of “the big five”. Leopards are known for their cream and gold spotted fur, but some leopards have black fur with dark spots.These black leopards are often mistaken for panthers. Leopards are very solitary and tend to avoid one another most of the time. They mostly tend to avoid humans but they have been known to attack and kill.


Leopard Fullmount – DD079.

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• The leopard is the fifth largest cat species in the world.
• Males are 30 percent larger than females.
• The Snow Leopard is classified as an endangered species and lives in the difficult terrain and climate conditions of the Himalayas.
• Cross-breeding between Leopards and Jaguars in captivity has been documented


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They are endangered in Asia and Africa. Leopards adapt well to many different habitats but prefer forests and rocky mountainous areas. Their adaptability has helped them survive due to habitat loss brought on by humans. Leopards are mainly nocturnal and prefer to hunt at night but they have been seen hunting during the day.Leopards are known for their climbing ability and often drag their meal up into trees. They are carnivorous and feed upon smaller animals including birds, big rodents and antelope.

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