There are 33 species of Mongoose all over the world. They have long faces and bodies with gruffly brown fur. Only a few have markings. They are diurnal and are active for most of the day. Some mongooses can be taught tricks and are kept as pets, mostly to keep vermin away.Although in many cases, mongooses have been known to be very destructive and have killed most of the small fauna instead of only the vermin. They are illegal to import to the US because of this.

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• The word “mongoose” is derived from the Marathi name mungus.
• The mongoose emits a high-pitched noise when mating. This is known as a giggle.
• Snake charmers keep mongooses for fights with snakes


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They reside mostly in Africa, Madagascar included, and prefer grasslands and savannahs. They mostly feed on eggs, small rodents, earthworms, birds and lizards.The Indian Grey Mongoose is known for its ability to attack and kill very venomous snakes however they avoid the cobra and aren’t particularly interested in its meat.

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