The Monkey is a primate excluding humans and apes. There are currently 264 known monkey species. They vary in size, the smallest being the Pygmy Marmoset to the much bigger Mandrill.Many species of monkey are in dire needs of conservation efforts. They are hunted by humans, sold for money and destroyed by poachers. Most monkeys do very well in captivity.

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• Monkey brains are eaten as a delicacy in parts of South Asia, China and Africa.
• In Buddhism, the monkey is an early incarnation of Buddha but may also represent trickery and ugliness.
• The next time that the monkey will appear as the zodiac sign will be in the year 2016.
• Capuchin monkeys are believed to be one of the smartest monkey species. They have the ability to use tools, learn new skills and show various signs of self-awareness


Thorough preparation is the key factor to ensuring a high-quality final product. All hides are tanned and oiled using the world’s very best available chemicals and processes to ensure permanence and longevity.Forms are selected to ensure the best fit and posture will be altered to suit you, the client’s preference without additional cost. Natural habitat bases are custom-made for full mount trophies without additional cost.Only the finest materials and 40 years of professional experience are used in defining your trophies in a whole new way. The final trophies are almost Life-Formed. When the restoration is required, every effort is made to repair cuts and abrasions, and to minimise bullet damage. Natural scarring is kept unless otherwise requested.


Monkeys are found in most of Africa, Asia and India. They tend to live in forest areas where there are plenty of trees to swing from although there are other species that enjoy grasslands and savannahs. Some monkeys live on the ground, while others live in trees.They are incredibly social creatures and can have Groups of monkeys are known as a ‘tribe’, ‘troop’ or ‘mission’. Monkeys travel daily to search for food. Their food includes fruit, seeds, leaves and some roots. They are omnivorous and will eat small amounts of meat like rodents or birds.

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