The Oribi (Ourebia ourebi) is a very small, slender antelope. Their backs are a yellow-brown colour and their hairs are quite rough. They are very small in size and often fall pretty to cheetahs, wild dogs and caracals.Their young are also targeted quite often and are taken by genets and eagles mostly. They aren’t social and are usually found in pairs, searching for food during the mornings as they prefer to stay out of the midday sun.


Oribi Shouldermount STR – GG274

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• Their average lifespan is 8-12 years in the wild.
•They occasionally cause damage to wheat and oat crops because the crops resemble their own food


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They are usually found in grasslands and bushed country throughout Southern Africa. They are grazers and enjoy eating short grasses and roots, foliage and stems.They are often seen in veld that has just suffered a fire, returning to find and eat the freshly grown green grass. They require salt in their diet and make use of natural salt licks.

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