Rhinos (Rhinocerotidae) are critically endangered animals. There is both a black and a white rhino. The white rhino has a square lip and the black rhino, a hooked lip. Their spectacular horns are made from keratin and are, on average, 20 inches long on Black Rhinos.They are critically endangered and they are poached and hunted for their horns which are used as an aphrodisiac in Chinese medicine. Black rhinos run on their toes and are quite fast as well, travelling as fast as 35mph. Rhinos have lived on earth for 50 million years.

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The black rhino is smaller than the white rhino. They create a sunblock from wallowing in mud and letting it dry on their skin. They have very poor eyesight and are quite aggressive due to this. 50% of males die from fights with other rhinos. White rhinos can live up to 45 years in the wild


Thorough preparation is the key factor to ensuring a high-quality final product. All hides are tanned and oiled using the world’s very best available chemicals and processes to ensure permanence and longevity.Forms are selected to ensure the best fit and posture will be altered to suit you, the client’s preference without additional cost. Natural habitat bases are custom-made for full mount trophies without additional cost.Only the finest materials and 40 years of professional experience are used in defining your trophies in a whole new way. The final trophies are almost Life-Formed. When the restoration is required, every effort is made to repair cuts and abrasions, and to minimise bullet damage. Natural scarring is kept unless otherwise requested.


Black rhinos feed on leaves, grasses, fruit and thorny bushes while white rhinos are grazers and eat grasses. Black rhinos can live up to 5 days without drinking water. Mother rhinos are very protective of their young. The offspring stay with their mothers until 3 years of age usually. The gestation period of rhinos is about 15-18 months. The rhinos lip is extraordinarily strong as they can open gates and break through them as well.

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