As international leaders in superior taxidermy, our team have produced over 150 000 exquisite trophies at the Life-Form studios. With an in-depth understanding of African game and their habitat, our expert craftsmen work with painstaking attention to detail, ensuring that your trophy will be recognised among the finest in the world. 


The Warthog (Phacochoerus africanus), or Common Warthog, is a species of pig. The common name comes from the four large, wart-like bulges found on the head of the warthog.

They are a dark-brown or black in colour. With their tusks and large heads, Warthogs look vicious but in actual fact they aren’t and avoid fights with other animals like Wild dogs, Lions and Cheetahs. When cornered, however, they will attack with their lower tusks. They are active during the day and then sleep in abandoned burrows at night.

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Warthog Fullmount – HH122

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• Adult Warthogs can weigh up to 150kgs.
• Their tusks are made from ivory and they are hunted specifically for this.
• The warthog population in southern Africa is estimated to be about 250,000.
•Their tusks can inflict severe wounds


Thorough preparation is the key factor to ensuring a high-quality final product. All hides are tanned and oiled using the world’s very best available chemicals and processes to ensure permanence and longevity.Forms are selected to ensure the best fit and posture will be altered to suit you, the client’s preference without additional cost. Natural habitat bases are custom-made for full mount trophies without additional cost.Only the finest materials and 30 years of professional experience are used in defining your trophies in a whole new way. The final trophies are almost Life-Formed. When the restoration is required, every effort is made to repair cuts and abrasions, and to minimise bullet damage. Natural scarring is kept unless otherwise requested.


Their habitat are the savannahs, grasslands and woodland in various parts of Africa. Warthogs feed on berries, eggs, grasses, tree bark and sometimes even dead animals. During the dry seasons they consume bulbs and roots. While eating, they bend down on their front knees and ruffle in the grass for their food.