The Waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus) is a large antelope. Their coats are a red-brown colour and darken with age. Their hair is quite long and shaggy and males are much larger than the females.The Waterbuck has a large white ring encircling its rump and the males have long, dangerous horns for their protection. Hyenas, Leopards and Lions are their predators as well as the occasional Crocodile.


Waterbuck Fullmount 180° Left – FF415

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Thorough preparation is the key factor to ensuring a high-quality final product. All hides are tanned and oiled using the world’s very best available chemicals and processes to ensure permanence and longevity.Forms are selected to ensure the best fit and posture will be altered to suit you, the client’s preference without additional cost. Natural habitat bases are custom-made for full mount trophies without additional cost.Only the finest materials and 40 years of professional experience are used in defining your trophies in a whole new way. The final trophies are almost Life-Formed. When the restoration is required, every effort is made to repair cuts and abrasions, and to minimise bullet damage. Natural scarring is kept unless otherwise requested.


The Waterbuck inhabits areas close to water, such as grasslands, woodlands and gallery forests, as its name would indicate. They enjoy many types of coarse grasses, as they are mainly grazers, and leaves and twigs occasionally. They eat during the early morning and in the evenings, resting in-between those times.

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