The Reedbuck (Redunca arundinum) is a diurnal antelope. The southern reedbuck is larger than the other species of reedbuck. They are not social creatures and prefer to either live alone or in pairs. Females do not have horn at all but the males have forward curving horns.They have a silky coat and it is a light brown colour, similar to the grasses in the grassland which they blend in with for camouflage from prey. They are preyed on by cheetahs, crocodiles, leopards and eagles.

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• Their gestation period is 233 days.
• Their main threats are habitat loss and overhunting.
• The estimated total population is 73,000 animals.
• The horns typically grow 25-45 cm long.


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The Reedbuck is found in Southern Africa and prefers to lie in reed bends or wet grasses during the heat of the day and they graze at sunset or, sometimes, at night. They feed on grasses, herbs, leaves, and reeds.They stay close to watering holes and can drink several times a day during the dry season. They prefer to live close to water but they never enter water.

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